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September 25, 2013

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December 04, 2013

Love to sing? Looking for a new interest? Consider joining the Peninsula Clef Hangers, a women's chorus of 25 to 30 volunteers who perform winter and spring concerts for senior citizens in daycare centers, retirement homes, and veterans and healthcare facilities...


Welcome to the Home of the Peninsula Clef Hangers!

Bringing the joy of live music to seniors and veterans

 The Peninsula Clef Hangers

The Peninsula Clef Hangers women's choral group was founded in 1970, when a number of Northern California residents and Palo Alto Junior League members with a mutual love of music decided to come together to sing...  

Why We Sing -- Why We Do What We Do

Who We Are

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"Clef Hangers bring the joy of song: Los Altos resident leads choir on quest to coax smiles"

The Peninsula Clef Hangers are set to embark on another season of entertaining local seniors.

And another from our Fall/Winter 2016 Concert

We would love to have you come join us!

We had started with 71 candidates on our original list, which we narrowed down to 24, but now we had we had our final list -- 10 songs, two of them medleys:  Openers, Sacred, Folk/Friendship, Love Songs, Show Tunes, and a Finale -- 10 songs chosen from 24 by the Music Selection Committee

We finally had our Spring 2014 program.

We bring the joy of live music at no cost to seniors in local retirement homes, daycare centers, and healthcare and veterans facilities in the mid-Peninsula area. Concerts are also given to other non-profit or community organizations with the approval of our members...

What We Do

We are funded in part

by a grant from

The Peninsula Clef Hangers, a women’s chorus of approximately 40 volunteers, perform to bring smiles to the faces of seniors during their December and April holiday concerts at retirement facilities and nursing homes in the Los Altos area...

Yet somehow, it just did not seem right. 

We Are Looking For Singers!


A sound file from our Fall/Winter 2017 Concert

"Clef Hangers seek new members; singers perform at Crane Place on Monday"

Something was still missing...

NO prior choral experience or audition is required.


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A little sound file from our Spring 2015 Concert